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23-11-2021 19:00 โ€“ 20:30

Breaking through the uncertainties in a digital transformation

Digital transformation is driving rapid change on an unprecedented global scale, generating uncertainty for decisionmakers and leaders. While companies small and big often embarked on a journey to become more digital, it's not always clear what RoI is generated by the investments in digital. It is also challenging to ensure that legacy processes, practices, systems, and people's resistance to change are preventing the expected big leap forward. As the saying goes, culture eats strategy for breakfast. This session will provide a fresh view on the way forward bringing it all together in a comprehensive practical approach.


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Omar Mohout

Partner en head of digital bij Nova Reperta

Nick Dieltiens

Partner at Nova Reperta


๐Ÿ“… 23-11-2021 19:00 โ€“ 20:30


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