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Belfius Data Strategy: a journey towards a real-time platform in the cloud
11-05-2023 13:00 – 14:00

Tracking the stock exchange in real-time in your Belfius banking app with personalized alerting or on the fly insurance fraud evaluations? Sounds like the future?

The Belfius Bank & Insurance ambitions are high, and the data strategy plays a key part in realizing that ambition. With those ambitions also comes a major technology shift from batch-based operations to real-time operations, inter-company silo’s to intra company Belfius Together, from on-premises to cloud.

During this talk we introduce the Belfius data strategy and zoom on how data virtualization forms a key and our cloud ML & AI platforms. The focus lies around the high-level overview as opposed to the technical details.


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Pieter Segaert

Enterprise Architect @Belfius Insurance

Nicolas Goosse

Head of Data Insights, Analytics & AI @ Belfius


📅 11-05-2023 13:00 – 14:00


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