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Cyberwar and Psychological Malware: Tales from Ukraine
29-09-2022 18:00 โ€“ 21:00
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In samenwerking met WOMEN4CYBER en CYBERSECURITY COALITION brengt SAI een security topspreker naar Belgiรซ!

Chris Kubecka is an American computer security researcher and cyberwarfare specialist. In 2012, she was responsible for getting the Saudi Aramco network back up and running after it was hit by one of the world's most devastating Shamoon cyberattacks. Kubecka also helped halt a second wave of July 2009 cyberattacks against South Korea. She has worked for the US Air Force as a Loadmaster, the United States Space Command. She lives and works in the Netherlands.

With Europe at cyberwar and the propaganda machine in the form of psychological malware. Cyber security and diversity of thought is required even more. From malware causing human loss of life and social media ripping governments apart. Our society is held together tenuously by digital technology and software code which requires action now with implementable tech policy.


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Chris Kubecka

Computer security researcher


๐Ÿ“… 29-09-2022 18:00 โ€“ 21:00


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BeVenue Conference Centre

Rue Ravenstein 4
1000 Brussels


Dit event is enkel toegankelijk voor SAI leden.

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