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Security Compliance Management
18-11-2019 13:30 – 20:30

Information security compliance is both an operational and a legal concern for the organizations today. In this workshop the role of the Chief Digital Security Officer (CDSO) will be clarified in performing compliance reviews and work together with internal and external auditors whilst showing compliance to the business and the business customers. At the same time, the CDSO must verify security compliance by suppliers delivering services to the business and to the security team.

  1. Introduction
    • The 4 lines of defence
    • Relevant security compliance frameworks
  2. Role of CDSO in security compliance
    • In customer contracts
    • In supplier contracts
  3. Exercises with participants
    • Review and improve real customer contracts
    • Review and improve real supplier contracts
  4. Conclusions


Claudio Bolla

CISO Ineos


📅 18-11-2019 13:30 – 20:30


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