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Improving customer satisfaction through Business Service Management
03-10-2019 19:00 – 20:30

In practice we see that many companies fail to adopt a 'customer first strategy'. Still, it's ultimately the customer who decides whether or not to buy your products or services. If you can't satisfy them, your competitor is waiting around the corner.... Especially in the digital era.

With Business Service Management (BSM), we respond to this challenge. BSM comprises a set of governance and management practices that help companies improve their service organization to meet, or even exceed, their customers' expectations. BSM is based on a sound service strategy and underlying service operating model. Introducing BSM requires an agile approach, going through small, iterative improvements, rather than launching large,  long term and often costly projects. During the first part of this evening seminar, Corné de Graaf reveals the content behind BSM, explains the BSM building blocks and provides a pragmatic approach to get started in your company.

Fluvius, the merger of former Eandis and Infrax utility companies, lauched a large digitalization program to roll-out digital meters in Flanders. The transition from asset management driven to data services driven is built upon BSM practices. The capture and processing of digital meter data throughout a lot of business processes and IT systmes leads to build the so-called 'Digital Meter Chain'. During the second part of this seminar, Davy Michiels discusses the corporate challenges that Fluvius faced and how some of the BSM buiding blocks have been put in practice.      


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CornΓ© de Graaf

Management Consultant, XEDIS

Davy Michiels

Project Manager Digital Meter, Fluvius


πŸ“… 03-10-2019 19:00 – 20:30


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