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GDPR: How to deal with the new data privacy & data protection legislations?
21-02-2017 13:30 – 20:30

The EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will have a huge impact on your company. Needless to say that ICT will be impacted when one knows that this GDPR enters into application May 25, 2018.

With high fines, challenging national and EU requirements, an increasing threath of data breaches, legal prosecution and the risk to suffer from reputation loss, an increasing number of companies put this topic high on the agenda.

Nevertheless, the different legislations and their requirements, as well as the need to get control over your data and information in order to become compliant, makes it hard to find out where to start and how to practically approach this topic.

The workshop will not only explain the legislations and their deliverables, but also provide insight in how to combine your information management efforts with data privacy and data protection initiatives without losing sight of the end-goal. Furthermore the workshop involves case management which allows you to take a deep dive into actual challenges of data privacy and data protection and obtain actual learnings. During the workshop and the activities you will be guided by professionals in order to maximize those learnings which will allow you to kick off or further optimize your program and plan for the next steps. 

Target Audience: Enterprise Architects, Data Architects, Business Architects, IT Managers, CIO's, etc.

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Part 1

Introduction into data privacy/protection and link with information management

  • Introduction into the new data privacy and data protection legislations (EU, GDPR, NIS, and national data breach & localization legislations) as well as their terms and deliverables
  • The link with information management and how it overlaps with data privacy and data protection activities and capabilities

Part 2

Practical approach and getting started

  • Practical approach on how to start your journey towards compliance by reusing your existing IT & business capabilities and optimizing the effort
  • Explanation of the case to be handled, the goals and reasoning
    • Case topics can range from:
      • a practical approach on how to implement data privacy by design in applications, projects and processes
      • dealing with the constraints of privacy on big data streams and advanced analytics
      • creation of a suitable information and data privacy/data protection strategy and describing the consequences for business & IT
      • how can master data management and data quality be reused for complying with consent management and the right to be forgotten
      • how to plan for compliance as a Data Protection Officer
      • describing an organization structure for data privacy & data protection and the collaboration with the existing business and IT organization
      • how to deal with a data breach - plan for the next 72 hours and take preventive action
  • Explaining the tasks and deliverables of each team and kick-off of the practical case work

Part 3

Finalizing the case-work and preparing the presentations

  • Feedback loop and short alignment between the teams
  • Finalizing the case-work and deliverables
  • Preparing the presentations of each team

Part 4

Presentations and lessons learned

  • Presentations
  • Feedback and synergies between the different deliverables
  • Conclusions and lessons learned




Christoph Balduck

Head of Data Management, AGEAS


📅 21-02-2017 13:30 – 20:30


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