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Trustworthy AI: ethical considerations for data scientists
20-02-2020 19:00 โ€“ 20:30

The High Level Expert Group on AI of the EU Commission puts forwards guidelines to guarantee that AI initiatives are lawful, ethical and robust. While useful, in practice, data scientists struggle to address these principles structurally. Solutions for safeguarding analytical modelling techniques from the introduction of such biases is complex. In this session, we will bring together the practioner's side and the scientific field by discussing a series of practical questions and cases, and analysing methods and techniques to address the ethical challenges faced by data scientists.


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Jochen De Weerdt

Associate Professor, Research Center for Management Informatics (LIRIS), FEB, KU Leuven

Valerie Schaubroeck

Data Scientist at Belfius


๐Ÿ“… 20-02-2020 19:00 โ€“ 20:30


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